I photograph a lot of performances, with a lot of performers I’ve never shot before. I don’t like dealing with model releases, so here’s my general terms for performance shots…

First and foremost, I hold the copyright to every photo I sell. Unless stated otherwise, my photos are NOT under Creative Commons or any other open license. All rights are reserved.

Performers who appear in my photos may download full-sized copies for promotional use. They may not sell them without prior written consent from me. They may not edit them, except resizing and cropping required for display (such as Facebook avatars), without my written consent. They may not remove watermarks without my written consent. And any publication (such as posting on Facebook or a web site) should credit me as photographer if at all possible. If other arrangements need to be made, please ask!

If you’re not the performer, please don’t download or repost my photos without prior permission.

In the studio, I like TFP (trade for photos) arrangements. Models will of course get full-sized copies, and I will make whatever accommodations I can. I can also email photos.

I don’t generally share camera raw images, only fully edited ones. If you really want raw images for your own use, please make arrangements prior to the shoot, and I will expect to have a very clear understanding what you want to do and will retain copyright. If you just want a more direct line into the choosing and editing process, I’d be happy to sit down with any model and work on selection and editing together.

If you’re in one of my photos and don’t want it to be publicly posted, please contact me asap and I will remove it. If a photo is posted and you would like a detailed credit (i.e. a link to your own pages), please let me know and I will do whatever I can to accomodate.